Frequent crashing with certain elements (i.e. blogs, search bars)

Hi there,

I’ve been a satisfied Sparkle user for a few years now. I’m running Sparkle 3.0.7 on Big Sur (11.2) (upgraded today, had been using Catalina for a while up until today). Today I purchased new pro features for Sparkle in order to get access to e-commerce, blogging, ads, popups, etc. Some of it is working fine, but other elements now cause the app to immediately freeze for about 8-10 seconds, after which it “undoes” the action and deletes the element. This happens each time I attempt to create a blog. The blog index generates just fine but attempts to touch any of the text fields on a blog post will freeze the program. I am also strangely unable to add a search bar. I’ve made them before and have never had this happen before today, but now when I do, any attempts to click it, move it, etc. will also freeze the app. All of this occurred both before and after the upgrade to Big Sur. (I upgraded to see if that would solve the problem and it did not.)

It’s difficult to provide a screenshot to show what’s going on, sorry; just imagine the spinning wheel when you attempt to modify a blog post or a search bar, followed by deletion of the element.

I do have a second website where I have been able to create a blog, so I am not sure why it happens on one site but not the other. If it makes any difference, the site that is having the problem was generated first with one of Sparkle’s templates, whereas the site without the issue was built from scratch.

I’m most curious to know if this a “me” problem or a known problem that others are experiencing? If the latter, I trust a fix is on the way and I can be patient. If the former, are there any suggestions for how to resolve this issue?

Thanks in advance,

Hi @gavrielidis6175, sorry about that. The automatic undo happens when Sparkle encounters an unexpected condition internally. Can you send the project file to We’ll take a look.

I’d be happy to. Thanks!