Frustration with styles

First of all, is selecting/unselecting the List box in the Style panel supposed to change the style of text (i.e., produce the asterisk next to the style name)? The documentation doesn’t mention list-ability as part of text style, but selecting the List box registers as a style change.

However, if I create a style that has the List box checked, and then deselect the box, no asterisk appears to signal that a change has occurred.

Finally, if Lists do/should count as a style attribute, I can’t seem to create different styles for different list types. Let’s say I have two styles: the first one I create is for text in ordered lists; the second one I create is for text in unordered lists. When I set the second style’s list type as unordered, the first list’s type changes to unordered. If I try to go back and change the first one to ordered again, the style for the second list also changes to ordered.



@Dash, So the solution is with your order list - add the style to the Style Panel (the arrow down triangle to the far right of the Style Panel). Then create you unordered list on the Sparkle canvas and add that style to the Style Panel the same way. You will now have two font styles for “list” - one for ordered and one for unordered…

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I’m either misinterpreting your instructions, or something’s just not working at my end. Any “list styles” I put into the style list end up all unordered or all ordered, regardless of how I originally created them, based on whatever list type my cursor last encountered.

It doesn’t appear that the list portion can be saved in a style anyway. If I click on text box with style, say, Title, and then use the style menu to change it to one of my “list styles,” a list isn’t produced–the list box doesn’t become checked.

But if List isn’t a part of a text style, why does an asterisk appear when making some text (body, title, section, whatever) into a list? That should only be happening if the style is being changed.


@Dash, Ok after I “Styled” an ordered list and an unordered list I went about creating another text box and applied both styles, and you are right about the styles not applying the dots or the numbers so it might be a glitch?

I would give @duncan a hoy to see if there is a glitch or you can’t style an ordered or unordered list.

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More style questions:

  • Is there a way to delete user-created styles other than using the (-) icon in the style triangle popup menu? Most of the items in my style list do not have the (-) icon, just the edit/pen icon. I thought it might have to do with the styles being in use, but that doesn’t track for several of them.
  • Why doesn’t the style panel for buttons/button text have the same popup menu as other text? Is there a particular reason why text styles can’t be used on buttons?

Hello @Dash

  1. It is correct that a style cannot be deleted if it is in use somewhere on the website.
    So if the delete icon (x) does not show up, it means that the style is used, even if it’s only in a small section of your website.
    How to find that may be difficult. I’ve had the same issue as well and going through all the text boxes can be tedious.
    You could do the following. Make a new text box with the style you want to delete, then change the style to something that can be easily found, like an unusual font and big text size. Then apply and you should see where else you have used that style on your website.

  2. This is a questions you will have to ask @duncan


Thanks, @Shadowfax–that was a clever idea. It ended up working out, but there might be some bugs lurking around because the technique didn’t work like it should have.

I had two styles I was looking to delete. I changed style #1 to squiggly text, applied the change, and then went searching for the squiggles. I then deleted all the fields with that style. However, the (-) still didn’t appear next to style #1’s name in the list.

Then I changed the style #2 to a ridiculously large size; this revealed a culprit, which I deleted. Again the (-) didn’t appear for that style either. Only by chance did I happen to click on a text box that also contained style #2 (that should have been changed into a ridiculously large size when I applied the change to the style but wasn’t). Then the (-) showed up for both style #2 and style #1.

So that was a bit weird. But it eventually worked out–I appreciate the help! :smiley:

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Hello @Dash
Thank you for the description.
Yes that seems a bit weird. :smile: But thankfully you were able to find and delete the styles in the end.
All I can say is that I’ve also had issues every now and then with the styles panel in Sparkle and sometimes things don’t always work as they should. So yes, I understand your frustration.
Unfortunately I didn’t make notes at that time so I can’t report them, I will in the future … and I’m sure @duncan and his team are hard at work to improve text styles.

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