FTP Info Goes Away!

I’ve loaded up my first Sparkle site, put in all the FTP info, saved it, loaded it up, quit the app and all the FPT info is gone. Re-entered and saved, did an update, load it up. Quit the app. Open it again, FTP info is gone again!! What the heck!!

@talkgtr, I’m sure Duncan will follow up with you, but just one thing from me… Do you have your Sparkle app sitting in your macOS Application folder with all your other applications?

Sorry I don’t have this issue, sure Duncan will answer shortly l, you can always send an email to the support.

there’s a “eu.riverdesign.sparkle” folder in app support

@talkgtr, I was referring to the actual Sparkle application that you downloaded. It needs to sit in the macOS Application folder allowing it to update in the future and to prevent weird things happening like what you are having.

yes, the app is installed correctly

This is a Sparkle bug presumably, but we have never managed to reproduce it on our Macs.

It is related to the system keychain, where Sparkle stores the publish settings.

The workaround seems to be to open Keychain Access, select the “Login” keychain on the left, then under the File menu pick “Lock keychain ‘login’”, followed by “Unlock keychain ‘login’".

thanks. apparently entering the FTP info the fourth time is the charm,… so far.