FTP website to Host Web - "The selected folder is not published to http:///website.com"

I created my webpage with Sparkle and now I want to upload it to my Web Host (HostPapa).
I used the Sparkle APP, select publish, enter the ftp logins (I can see the directories).

Then I select the directory where I want to save my webpage and then … I keep getting the message:

“The selected folder is not published to http:///website.com”

What to do?

Thank you for your support.

Email us and we’ll take a look. Web hosts are all different, and sometimes the domain status is the issue, so there’s no “one size fits all” answer. In fact most of the time into just works.

Hi Duncan,

I am having the same issue with Bluehost. I followed directions on the Bluehost C Panel to install Cyberduck to configure the FTP client. But this hasn’t sorted the issue.


Email a screenshot of where sparkle gets stuck to feedback@sparkleapp.com

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@craigmaiden, I’m thinking it might be an SSL Certificate issue? More and more hosting platforms are clamping down on this as it is a requirement by the major search engines to be using the “https” protocol to make sure the web goes in that direction.


Duncan has been great walking me through how I might be able to solve the issue. I haven’t resolved it yet. I am going to write to my servers support and see what they think. They usually opt out any problems. Cheers @greenskin

Just a final note as this is now solved.

The problem, which I have seen with other customers who use a specific flavor of web hosting control panel, is the default FTP account will be “jailed” in a branch of the web hosting space where no website is configured, and from Sparkle’s point of view (or any FTP client), there’s no way to navigate up and go to the website root folder.

The fix is to create a new FTP account in the web hosting control panel, with no sub-folder restriction, so that it is possible to browse to the correct folder (or for Sparkle to auto detect it in many cases).



I have the same problem. I changed the host company and they had copy all files from one ftp to another ftp. After that i changed login and password in sparkle and i achieved statement "The selected folder is not published to http://www.website.com”. It is something wrong on my site or on the site of company host?

The message comes up for a number of reasons. You can send us a screenshot of that to feedback@sparkleapp.com and we’ll figure it out.