Full width video - sparkle 3

I’m trying to understand what it is? I can’t see any full width feature looking at the video player options.

Full width is an option that’s never in the main style panel, it’s in the arrange panel. In Sparkle 3 it’s active for videos, wasn’t in Sparkle 2.

Thanks Duncan!
That’s the feature I wanted. But it seems buggy. It looks ok on the software but not when I preview it. When I preview it, it stays on the left-upper corner without the full-width.

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Thanks we’ll take a look.

Nice addition. Thanks.

On my side, this feature seems to be out of control. Here are the bugs in preview mode :
-Sometimes, the videos align to the left side.
-The thumbnail with or without “custom poster” doesn’t resize properly. It is stretch.
-The “Action Overlay” is not appearing.
-Same behaviour with vimeo, youtube or player provided by sparkle. It seems a little bit worst on chrome than safari but still.
-os 10.14.6

@marmess, Sounds strange?
Are you viewing it for the correct “device”?

With the video stretched across the browser width you shouldn’t be getting any left alignment? I see you have asked the question about the full width… Once you have placed a video on the canvas go to the right hand panel under “Arrange” and you’ll see you can tick “Full page width”. This will stretch the placed video container from edge to edge.

I exactly know right now where is this feature. It’s clear.

But yes, this feature is acting in a weird way on my side.
I am using it on 1200 pixels layout. Preview it on chrome and safari.

As mentioned vis email, we’re aware of the problem.

I never received that email maybe you are talking about the upper message you wrote.
But good to know it’s on your todo list.