Function request: Change the numerical values in the fields with the mouse wheel

I miss the possibility of changing the numerical values, e.g. height, width, location of the object or font size, by moving the mouse over the field and turning the mouse wheel.
For example, fields in Affinity programs are handled.
Now in Sparkle, the only way to change the value is to enter it manually or click the arrows to change the numbers.
I’d like to ask for this facility at Sparkle.
Moving the mouse wheel would increase or change the value by 1, and with the SHIFT key pressed by 10 units. Then you can very quickly and precisely increase or decrease objects, their location and font size and its properties.
Thank you.

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I tried in affinity designer, admittedly using a trackpad and not a mouse, but I couldn’t get the scrolling/wheel action to make that happen.

But it makes sense, thanks for the suggestion.

Yes, in Affinity it works with the mouse wheel, you don’t even have to click on the field, just hover over the number field to increase / decrease the value by turning the mouse wheel.
In addition, Affinity works great with Sparkle.
You can design a page in Affinity Designer and then just copy and paste objects. They are moved to Sparkle with a transparent background, so very good quality png objects are created. Of course you can also export objects to jpg or png.
I work professionally in Affinity programs on a daily basis, which is why I miss this function of using the mouse wheel to use numerical values ​​in Sparkle.

@GRAFKOM, I also LOVE Affinity - use the whole suite. How are you finding Publisher?

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You can also do the project in Affinity Publisher, Designer and Photo, you only need to set the document resolution to 96dpi, RGB.
Affinity export to html and css does not work, but you can transfer items to Sparkle by copying. Or exporting elements as: png, jpg, gif and svg.
I just noticed that the sparkle makes a shadow in the case of png objects not to the shape of the object, e.g. the star but the shadow of the rectangle in which the object is located, e.g. this star, despite the fact that it has a transparent background.

If the objects copied from Affinity were also pasted into Sparkle as svg objects, that would be a revelation.

@GRAFKOM, You should give Sketch a try. It works far better with Sparkle and Sparkle has a plug-in that talks with sketch…