In case I missed something, is there a way to customize the dots and arrows from galleries?
Might include the opportunity to make changes inside sparkles own folder via “show package content” and copy the default arrows and dots and change that.
I was able to locate a lot of different icons but did not find that gallery items.

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Hello :wave:t2:

You can customize the colors and the spacing between the arrows in the gallery, but not their size.

It’s a bit more complicated, but you can recreate an image gallery system with pop-ups to customize the buttons as you wish.

You can customize the colors and the spacing between the arrows in the gallery, but not their size.

I am aware of that , thanks.

Popups: how would I generate dots or arrows for next image - previous image? So that the arrows, customized, open a new popup? Or dots, also customized, show, which image appears, each of it Animated. Well quite inconvenient, isn’t it?

It would need a lot of popups to have a gallerypage with like 6 objects (watch with 5 to 10 images each.

It would be much easier, if default buttons could be managed, for example, one can find icons for social media, for audio settings (when using the command: show package content, clicking on sparkle with CTRL). Or use fontawesome for this or any other font system, you know?

Anyway, we wait for sparkle 5 and watching, maybe we are lucky then?

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For popups, you can see for yourself: Galerie Popup
You need one popup per image.

Yes, it would be convenient to have even more customization options for buttons, and it will probably be possible in the future. As for the rest, I’m not sure I understand everything ^^ You can find icons by inserting text and clicking on “Insert Icon” for reference.

For the icons: just to customize all kinds of buttons, and so the next and prev buttons.
Also I found out, that I cannot set a box to “do” something on click. One must add a button to it or replace it. Would be great to have anything as a button. Your gallery popup looks great but as I was afraid, to have 5 to 10 images and more than just one gallery on one page, one has quite some organizing stuff to do in order not to struggle.
And to organize the circles, done with the text tool, each of them linked, well, …
Hope the new sparkle5 comes with some better options.
Thanks for the download, looks amazing.

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