Gallery with videos

How to create a video gallery as shown in the example? Thanks for any ideas or suggestions. Hans

You can select Instagram instead of Pictures.
But i have no idea what you can do with that. I do not have an account there :sweat_smile:

Mr. F.

Hi @Mr_Fozzie I have an Instagram account but hardly use it. However I was able to login and add it to Sparkle. Unfortunately it only uses images that have been posted, no videos. But thanks fot the idea, I like to learn! MfG Hans

Hello Hans.

For some reason the feature is called Image Gallery, not Video Gallery :roll_eyes:

Mr. F.

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Though not exactly what you are looking for, I found that this kind of layout with a lightbox works okay., No Sparkle is unable for now to show videos in a gallery format.

Like @mewl example you can have a page with a group of videos that open up in a lightbox environment…

Thanks Horst, nice humor!

thanks @mewl I have used similar already a lot like in Thanks for the example website, always like to see these!

Thanks @greenskin. Will look further for ways to achieve my video gallery.

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I have made a kind off video gallery using some popups. Its a trial…