Gallery + Zoom Image

I like the Gallery possibilities and I love the “Zoom image in Lightbox” possibilities.
With the Gallery I miss the automatic zooming of the image depending on the Browser window size.
With the “Zoom Image in Lightbox” I miss the possibility of selecting the next image without having to zoom out, chose the next image and click on it to see it in full glory.

Is there a possibility to either have a Gallery with the big image automatically zooming to the browser window?
Or connect single images on a page so that they can be watched zoomed in sequence (forwards and backwards) with arrows or one key stroke) like e.g. on Wikipedia (main page)?

I have created a Flamin’ Fig template where I have an Image Gallery with images in sequence while in a Lightbox. I dd it using the Popups in Sparkle and it looks fantastic! :slight_smile: .

Could you please be more specific, explain how it works or post a link to your template?
Thank you for your almost immediate response!

I have it set up as follows…

  • Create a popup and call it “gallery”. Also make the Popup transparent, well I did so in my case
  • Place an Image Gallery inside the popup and do it up in how you want it to look and function
  • Now create your images
  • Now assign an Onclick event to your images and have it as “open popup”, and instruct it to be the one named “gallery”

The Image Gallery is independent of the images on the canvas, but for the most part it works really well! :slight_smile:


Thank you very much FF, I will try that. I hope it’s possible with 20+ pictures …

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No problems, and it should be AOK with 20 images plus a heap more!

Tried it, but …
The creation of the Pop-Up worked well (I never put a Gallery into a Pop-Up before :slightly_smiling_face:) the gallery in the Pop-Up also works a treat.
The problem is, that the Pop-Up is not changing it size with the window size of the browser (like the zoomed image does). This should be possible (as the Wikipedia and lots of other sites show).
But thank you again, as it’s always nice to get new input and learn more about the Sparkle possibilities.

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