Get the most out of Sparkle with this method

Hello everybody, happy Monday!,

Some of you might have discovered this already but couldn’t really find any topic related to this so I wanted to share with everyone who might find this helpful for their designs.

If you’d like to find new designs that you can edit, play around or using them partially on your websites:

After you downloaded Sketch desktop app on your computer go to Sparkle and under Help tab click “Install Sketch Plugin”

And then:

  • Go to
  • Get a subscription (I’m not sure if they still have 7 days trial)
  • Go to “Graphic Templates > Websites or UX/UI Kits”
  • Select “Sketch” on the left side.
  • You will see more than 6000 different designs. Select any of them (if you’re trying out select just download without the license) and make sure you get the license (subscription covers the licenses I believe) when you want to publish them.

after you open the Sketch project:
-From the menu bar " Plugins > Sparkle > Export Artboards to Sparkle" (wait for a few moments and then you’ll see something towards bottom of the screen saying that it’s ready or completed or exported)

  • And then you can paste them on Sparkle (They will create a new page for it)
  • Select all (they usually seem like one whole block) and then do “CMD + option + G” multiple times until you see everything is ungrouped
  • That’s it.

Sketch also has Envate plugins which has many Free UI kits from headers to footers.

Additionally you can find designs for Sketch on other free websites as well. is also great tool to convert PSD designs into Sketch (There might be some free open source converters as well)

Ok the last edit (: … You can also select the box and the text together and right click to convert to Button. You may also do the same for the form fields.

Hope this helps anyone who loves using Sparkle :heart:


Yep really really really love using Sparkle! :slight_smile:

Thank you @matt for your take on how we can further play by importing Sketch UI designed artwork boards. I’m sure it is overlooked…


Good! Glad you found it helpful. :+1::upside_down_face: