Global Device Auto-Scaling Options (Request)

Hello once again, everyone. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that the device auto-scaling function of Sparkle could use some improvements. There have been times in my work where hours of could have been saved if the auto-scaling were just a bit more customisable. The auto-scaling feature could be a massive time saver if implemented correctly, but many times I’ve had to resort to using a custom layout to fix something the auto-scaling could potentially have done for me.

What I propose to help fix this is a system of configurable options that you could change as per your scaling needs. In many situations, I wouldn’t want elements or text to become bigger in response to a larger resolution, but just better spaced out to fit the screen.

I do understand that this would potentially be a rather big change to whatever formula Sparkle currently uses to auto-scale, but I would be more than willing to wait for such a feature.

Thank you for reading.

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I know what you are saying James, but Sparkle is a responsive fixed width system and so if you pick and choose what is to scale then you will start to either have content overlapping or large chunks of empty space being created! :frowning:

Sparkle allows full creativity and pixel perfect layouts with its responsive fixed width engine! :slight_smile:
Responsive fluid width, where elements are arranged within the screen space they find themselves in takes away our control over the layout we have but days and weeks in to create! :frowning:

Hi @James, yes I agree and we’re very aware of the situation. Also taking steps to improve it. I appreciate that you have a proposal, but it seems that it’s a bit shallow on details? Do you have some more detail?

I’ll try and design a mockup of what I mean, it’ll be far more helpful that way. I’ll try and explain more once I’ve created the mockup.

I would already find it tremendously helpful if I could just turn off the auto scaling of the text. When, for instance, I look at my website on an ultra wide monitor I don’t really need bigger text than the 2 smaller devices that come next; all I really need at that point are bigger visuals. To achieve that I currently have to use all devices. Which is fine, just a bit of a hassle when I have to update.

I would find it interesting to see how all elements get scaled but not the text…
I’m imagining that all the elements would overpower the text as they have enlarged. Maybe the scaling could be turned down a bit?

I have seen what looked like 1920 auto scaled Sparkle websites and it is scary on my 27" iMac!
Its like I need to get up (which is not a bad thing) and backup a couple of meters!

Yeah, when you upscale from a 960 device things get pretty ridiculous. I’m looking forward to any improvements with the implementation going forward.

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