Global element/layer changes

As a web designer wanting to reduce the time it takes to do a redesign on a blog site, I’d like the ability to change an element or a layer globally - meaning if I change the attributes of an element or group on one page, I want it impact multiple pages.

For example, if I want to adjust the margins on the text block making up the blog post, I currently need to change them on each page. For an existing blog site with dozens of blogs, this takes a lot of time.

At the risk of offering how to do this (I’m thinking user story here), I look at the Visibility attribute as the means of defining what “multiple” means. In addition, I see the use of element and layer names as ways of defining what element or layers to include in the global change. For example, if I want to change the element I’ve named “Nav Search Bar” across multiple pages in a section, only those pages within that section containing the element with that name will be changed.

Lastly, I recognize the attributes that can be changed globally may be a limited but with my goal being to reduce the time it takes to do a redesign, any attribute globally changed helps.

p.s. If there is a way to do this now and it is my ignorance that led me to make this suggestion, I am all ears.