Google Adsense and Sparkle

Does Google Adsense work with Sparkle? I just assumed there was no reason that it wouldn’t work until I read Duncan’s post: Ideas for the future (I hope soon)

Yes, I understand the volume of hits required for Adsense to kick in and the other gotchas, but I’d still rather not start down a road with Sparkle on this next project if it just won’t work with Adsense. Can anyone fill me in? Thanks.

There’s no support for Adsense currently, sorry.

The only way right now is to export to disk and add the relevant header code with a text editor.

Hi Duncan, I appreciate the fast answer. Unlike the projects I’ve completed so far using my Sparkle Pro license, this next project is all about monetisation and Adsense is vital to that.

Is there a way to officially make a feature request for Adsense support or is it simply not going to happen? I’d really rather stick with Sparkle as it’s a fantastic product.

Adsense is on our list, mentioning things here is fine.

However we need to stick with the idea that Sparkle is what is released today, and you buy and use it for what it does right now.

Future Sparkle will absolutely do more, but what or when is subject to many factors that are unfortunately not predictable, and sometimes not under our control.

That’s fair, I understand. Thanks for the answer.

We use AdSense without problems. Just put your ad code in the embed extra code box.

The only issue is that the box does not show in the design board unless it is highlighted so you have to remember where it is or its easy to put something over the top of it.