Google analytics and SEO issues

Google has managed to de-rank two of my websites (not sure when this happened) and I’m going over them with a fine-tooth comb to try and get back into favour! Other search engines rank these sites on page 1 by the way

One of the things I must have missed is how to insert alt image descriptions as some of the analysis sites are telling me that they are missing - even on embedded video’s. Every little helps!

I’ve even removed pages with Google maps on as they are a possible cause even though I embedded code as supplied by Google maps!

And I’ve just gone through creating unique H1 page titles where I had this in the header previously and thus were not unique as the header was on all pages.

Has anyone else looked really closely at some of these issues and found better answers?


Ha, I’ve decided that it’s about time that I thoroughly read the documentation for Sparkle.

I’ve just seen where an ‘Alt’ tag is and learned more about images and how I’ve wasted my time shaving image sizes down before uploading when Sparkle can do it all for me.

Some of us never live and learn!

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