Google analytics problems

I can’t seems to get Google Analytics to work on Sparkle … I’ve read the topics about it but still stuck. It worked well on the old website. btw, i’m up and running since two days.

Any suggestions on this issue?


Have you tried entering the code without quotes?

But that’s a Bing verification, not Google? Also verification is only tangentially related to analytics, in that adding analytics also implicitly verifies the website for Google.

Anyway if you want to integrate analytics you do that in the Google Analytics site settings in Sparkle, not in the verification.

Not sure if that did the trick, last night I removed my old website builder from my MacBook Pro (I use the app zapper) and emptied my recycle bin. This morning I saw this line of code in Sparkle site setting… Does this looks like a Google verification code ?

And here is the Google analytics … I think all is good ?

The UA- code is analytics, so it does nothing if you put it in the verification section. And since you have analytics you don’t need further verification for google.

Thanks Duncan…