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Hi everyone,

I have a site designed using Sparkle, but would like the site to have a facility to let the person looking at the site change the language to Spanish / German Etc. Does anyone know of a google product or something else that I can add to my site on the home page that will translate the whole site by clicking on a country flag or drop down menu Etc. I have this on my own browser but want to know if this facility can be embedded in my site?



Hi @deneric,

Google used to have a translation widget, you might still find examples online but they have deprecated its use. People who want to translate your site likely know how to do that.

The preferred solution would be to have a professional translator create a translation in the languages you want to support. A second much lower budget option would be to use google translate yourself (or and have a native speaker make some light edits.

I’d say you have lower hanging fruit with the site though. I’d suggest:

  • write more text about the restaurant food – think about what people would be searching for, like “tapas in olba”, and write text that incorporates that
  • switch out the opening times image with text, so search engines can find that
  • switch out the menus to high quality photography and text, again for search engine use but also making the site faster to load and more accessible
  • create a good quality logo based on that opening times note and place it at the top of the page?
  • I’m not sure you need a tourist video about the town?

Since this is in spain I’m sure you can find someone who will translate to spanish, and maybe other languages can come after that. But I’d start with the above.

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Hi Deneric, how did you solve the problem? I see that the page is now available in different languages. I have the same problem. Many greetings Steffi

Hi Steffi,

Probably not the right way to do this, but. I created the home page in Spanish, then copied the whole page, pasted to a new page classed as page1. I then translated the text on page1 into English. I then copied this whole page (in English) into a new page Etc…
I found flag icons and placed them on every page with the appropriate language page links on each. It seems to work OK.
Hope this helps

Thank you for your answer. Your Way is close to the official way in Sprkle :wink: I’m just looking for an easyer way like an online tool. My client does not want to pay so much :frowning: cheers steffi

You do know that most browsers now have a page translate option. In Chrome it’s a right click on the page to see the translate option. In Safari, its an option in the URL box. Not every language may be represented, but a number of common ones are. The only other way is to create your own language-specific pages as suggested by Duncan. If your client isn’t happy to pay for you to get the translation, maybe you should ask them to provide translated text so you can simply copy and paste.