Google Maps, it don't work

So, to insert a simple map I must get an API KEY?


Yes and No. There should be a selection “simple map, outdated” or similar. For this one, you do not need an API Key. If you want more, get an API Key.

Mr. F.

Thank you for reply. No, I need only a simple map, but it don’t want work…
Anyway seems that for simple map I need API too

Do you have the latest version of Sparkle?

Mr. F.

Yes. Last update…

@MultimediaMan, as @Mr_Fozzie has mentioned it does work. Please see below…
The Basic Map (obsolete) doesn’t need an API key.

This is going to be the case sooner or later, Google scared everybody by breaking the key-less map a couple weeks ago. Eventually they will require an api key. It’s annoying but 1) it’s their service which they provide for free, 2) while you do have to have a valid credit card on Google’s system, they don’t charge for that kind of map.