Google Search Results Preview

On the way to get the first website customer… and still need to learn a lot!
One of the hurdles to take is that the current WP website uses Yoast Search Optimization plugin resulting in a certain SEO score. The Sparkle site needs to be the same or better.
How to proof/collect this evidence? Thanks, Hans

You don’t. Yoast and Sparkle SEO scores have no bearing on a site’s ranking. It’s content, content, content. Yoast’s ranking is designed to sell Yoast’s services. Sparkle’s SEO score is just a guideline.

This is a critical aspect of selling your services that you’ll learn as you go. Steer the client away from “scores” and focus on what your client wants to achieve. If its revenue than SEO is not the measure, if it’s users/viewers, SEO is meaningless, and on and on. Dig deep to find the client’s goal(s) and never veer from that point.


@thetravelhikelife, Really really really great advice!!! :slight_smile:

To add to that Yoast is a plugin and I have come across it many of times conflicting with WP and the template layer giving all sort of strange and conflicting results… so Yoast is not a yardstick to go by!

Like @thetravelhikelife said the goal of the website has to be driven and everything else will fall into place over time including SEO. Sparkle3 has a great SEO checker and that is something that needs to be checked off before launch.

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