Google Search Verification, Analytics help Please

I am using google analytics to prove proof of ownership for the website. (At least I think that is what Google Verification in the settings is doing )

For Google Search console.

I have the code pasted into the settings Verification.
Google says its not verifiable, incorrect. Not in Header.
Screen Shot 2020-09-11 at 8.49.41 AM

Googel ha s4 possibilities, I have tried to verify all 4 and they fail on each.

What am I missing?

Sparkle’s built-in verification is via HTML Tag, if you want to try that.

The Analytics verification doesn’t work if you have Sparkle’s privacy features enabled, because Sparkle produces code slightly different from Google’s in order to guarantee visitor privacy.

It failed on the HTML verification as well.
I tried all four versions to see if any would pass.

Mmmm… I have never had an issue with this and I have done several Sparkle websites with GA onboard and never had a verification fail. So this is strange to see.

I use the Google Analytics account method.