Gradient background

I have moved one of my sites from Muse to Sparkle and love it so far. I really miss the gradient background from my previous site. Is there an easy way to recreate this in Sparkle?

@65Gator, Do you mean a gradient background for the entire web page from top to bottom?

  • The web page itself you can’t
  • But if you drop in a widebox and extent that to the height of your web page you can then select the “gradient” setting on it so to achieve what you are after

Thanks… I did try the wide box but was trying to emulate the same gradient background function that was in Muse. I appreciate your reply.

Sparkle’s approach to web building is different the Muse’s. Sparkle is a design program that outputs far more creative websites than what could be done in Muse.

Using a Wide Box gives more content options than Background. In addition, Wide Box allows layering for a really imaginative background. And then still, Styles can be applied, whereas not possible with Background.

Experiment and see how what appears to be a limitation in Sparkle is really what puts it above all other web design apps.