Greetings and a Question re Blogs

Hello Sparkle Community.

This is my first post and before I dive into a question I thought I would just do a quick intro.

I’ve been using Sparkle since late 2017. Before that I’ve used Wordpress, Dreamweaver and straight HTML into notepad. Over the past year I have been gradually improving my site. Every time I use Sparkle I love it more and my site gains functions and looks better (it still has a way to go!)

Anyway - yesterday I found out how easy it is to add a shop - that’s a job for August (having seen the embed box in action I can see many uses for it).

So my thoughts are now turning to adding a weekly blog post. The Sparkle blog is the kind of format I want to achieve.

My question: What’s the best way to add blogging functionality? Initially I was just going to add pages in Sparkle and republish once a week. I just wondered if there was plugin or app I could embed to allow for online entry (Kind of like wordpress, but without all the bloat).


Can I have your representative url?
Thanks in advance.
Jeonghee Park

@Paul_G, I have a similar take on web design but have avoided WordPress to the max! I have hand-coded, used frameworks, used Adobe Muse, flat-file CMS designed, and it goes on BUT I LOVE SPARKLE! :slight_smile: With my web design and graphic design expertise the Sparkle medium just hums with me and then it pumps out really great code to top it all off, so as you can tell I’m very happy with Sparkle! :slight_smile:

Sparkle is progressing with some great added features of late and I’m hearing a blog is being worked on, but for now there isn’t really anything. As you mentioned the embedded box has some serious potential and you could do

  • look into “DropInBlog” and see if that will work for you, but it is pricey
  • create a WordPress blog and iframe it into your Sparkle site
  • I have come across a few flat-file cms offering blogging functionality which you could use and iframe it into Sparkle

Or there is Duncan’s method where you have the main page with the blog “short text” and that links to a “long text” blog page that you could sit under an “Add Section” called “blog” in Sparkle… that way you could hide the mounting blog pages in your thumb navigation panel on the left.
Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you both and Hello!

That final option may be the answer - I like that as I’m not going to be producing a huge amount of content. I was considering linking out to a Wordpress site - but also iFraming it would work.

I’ll give both a try and see what happens.

@flealife -could you tell me what you mean by representative url - it’s not a term I am familiar with (I kind of have an idea, just want to be sure!)

Thanks again - I’ll run some tests and let you know what works for me.

Hi Paul,
I wonder: how did it work out for you? I’ve always been a big fan of iWebs simple take on blogs. For me that’s the one missing functionality in Sparkle.
A workaround could be: hiding a ‘row’ of text/images on a webpage and revealing it by a kind of folding out when the user clicks on the title. You will get a very large page of cours, but the user only sees what he/she needs.
Alas… I don’t know how to do this in Sparkle… I’ll ask Duncan. :slight_smile: