Greyed Link to site page

Hi guys,

I’m facing something I cannot solve.
I’ve created a 5 pages simple mobile website.
On home page I have several link to each other 4 pages.
I’ve made clicable menu object.
They were working fine until tonight.
One of them cannot be used, the exisitng page it is supposed to link to is greyed, so it’s not working when published.
I can assign it other existing pages, fine working.
But still greyed when put back to the desired one.

I’ve tried changing the name of it…
I don’t get why it is not availble, I’m certainly missing a simple thing there…

I’ve attached a screenshot.

Thanks for your help!



Have you hit by accident “Exclude from Menu” ?

Mr. F.

Thanks but unfortunately not…
The only way was to duplicate the page and delete the original one…
Now works again.