Grids - columns but not rows

Hi there, apologies if this question has been answered elsewhere - I’ve looked but haven’t found anything. They layout grid allows the user to add vertical columns, but, unless I’m missing something, not horizontal rows.

Is there something really obvious I’m missing here, or a particular reason as to why rows would be absent?

Relatedly, is there a particular reason as to why the user cannot specify an odd number of columns?

Thanks in advance to anyone who applies. I came to Sparkle after Adobe killed Muse. Really enjoying using it. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @Sean, there are no horizontal rows, and it’s definitely something we should add. We do have in our notes to make the number of columns completely free, just our first implementation of that, that was never improved.


Hi Duncan, thanks for the quick reply! Is it likely that rows will be added? I’m currently in a bit of a mess making custom rows; it’s the only thing that bothers me and has me wondering about other applications. I would be very happy to persevere with my current approach if there were proper rows somewhere on the horizon.

I appreciate that for a whole host of reasons that might not be possible, or possible for you to answer, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask! Thanks again for the quick reply - really appreciate it.

Unfortunately the usual answer to this is we haven’t announced what’s coming in future versions. You can expect Sparkle to improve across the board though.