Group/Layout block snapping in layers panel

Hi all,

When moving element in layers panel I can’t place it below group or layout block: It is immediately “sucked” into block or panel. I use some workarounds but maybe there is something I do not know, please advise.

Hi zbr,

I am not sure, if I understand your question properly…
If a layout block is selected by mouse click, the next object you add will be added into the layout block.

Once you click on the canvas, you should be allowed to add elements to the basic canvas…


I can’t reproduce this. I can move an element arbitrarily above, below or between layout blocks. Observe the blue line that appears when moving.

As a bonus, this also makes it easy to drag something out of a layout block.

Mr. F.


thank you for your interest.

To make clear what I mean I prepared clip you can watch at snapping


Oh, you’ll need to bring the mouse closer to the left edge - the “moving on” indicator should have the circle aligned to the left, together with where all the other names start, not almost at the middle like it was indented.

primo, thank you very much, problem solved.

Anyway, it is not so straighforward. On my screen indicator remains the same all the time and only moving mouse indicator far to the left makes the element to be placed outside group/layout block. I added another clip illustrating this snapping