Hamburger Menu Button stick to top

I can’t figure out how to make the Hamburger Menu Button stick to the page top so it scrolls as you go down the page. Thanks in advance for any help! BTW, it’s not part of a group.

Stick to top is only available for groups, so just group it with something useful or not.

The reason stick to top is only for groups is you will most likely need relative positioning of multiple elements to the page top, or even a distance for the element itself. Groups ensure this.

You need to build a group of elements. (1) the hamburger menu and (2) best a wide box.
The box can have any color or be transparent.
Then you can makte it “stick to top”

Thanks guys. while I was making brined onions I thought, I could make a transparent wide box and make a group.

I appreciate the response and direction.