Hamburger menu full screen

Hi! Anyone knows if there is a way to develope a hamburger menu like this in Sparkle?:

@tanyyys, Not exactly but close. I have played around with the hamburger navigation in Sparkle a fair bit now and you can do a fair bit with it but within reason for now. I’m sure that is being looked into for the next big iteration of Sparkle.

If you view one of the created sites I made on mobile for a client you can see what I did with the hamburger menu -


I tried this as well, but unfortunately the result is not that good. On a ‘iPhone SE’ it looks ok, but on a bigger ‘Xr’ its not what I want.

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Thanks for your help.
I already did a menu like those, but it would be great if in the next version the Sparkle team could develope a menu funtion like this, full screen.

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Hi all - just wondering if this is possible yet? Full screen menu on mobile layout? At present, max is 320px width but on the newer iPhones this doesn’t fill the screen.

Thanks in advance