Hamburger menu not showing correctly in preview/ Which Sparkle version do I have?


I have two questions.

I have trouble with the hamburger menu not showing up correctly in preview (portrait and landscape smartphone).
Every time I open preview, the menu looks different; hover colors differ and sometimes the word ‘menu’ is showing up in the hamburger icon. I haven’t published the website yet, so I don’t know how it behaves online.
Does anybody recognise this problem, and is there a way to fix this?

Since I have tried endlessly to fix it, unsuccessfully, I thought making a menu out of a pop-up could be a solution. But I cannot insert a pop up, apparently I have to upgrade. I’m confused: pop up should be available in version 3, and I have version 4.

Screenshot 2022-02-10 at 15.59.00


There was a bug with the menus, that was recently fixed.
But this is only valid for a full version 4.x, I guess.
It looks like you are still working with 2.x without the new features and fixes. An upgrade is worth it, I think.

Mr. F.

Hi @Martine, apologies for the menu issue. There is some elusive bug in our menu code, and sometimes the quickest way is to delete and recreate it.

The “menu” word showing though is because by default is uses a transparent color from the palette, and if you change that color well content to something else, the menu word follows. This is fixable by going to the top “menu” line in the menu inspector, and setting the text color to transparent again.

Your license window suggests you have a 2.x license. In Sparkle the software version and the license are separate, so that you can use the latest software fixes for your website, even if you have unlocked older features. If you want the newer features you can purchase the upgrade there.

Thank you Mr. Fozzy and Duncan!
Good to know there’s always help if you need it.

The hamburger menu was still acting weird after steps above but I have upgraded to Sparkle 4 and made a pop up menu. It looks so good and works very well, I am happy!

My website is finished. Unfortunately now I have trouble publishing it (unable to connect).
My web host says it should work, but it doesn’t…

I see that a lot has been written about this issue here, so I will study the topics and hope to solve it soon.

The manual helped me a lot last time, it’s worth to read it.