Happy Ventura day! Introducing Sparkle 4.5

Not the only news, but certainly part of it.


Sparkle is the only radically visual website builder in the world.

Totally agree!

Good job! :ok_hand:

Unstoppable! :muscle: Great work Duncan.

My Mac is always reminding me I spend way too much time in Sparkle!
I think it is because… "a mental state of hyper productivity you get to when your tools work at the speed of your mind."

Radical and unstoppable!!! :slight_smile: :clap: :rocket:

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Thank you again, Duncan! Thanks for all your efforts to make our lives easier and better!
Cape Cod

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“Sparkle 4.5 now runs on Ventura3”

It certainly does … and it’s bloody marvellous! Problem is I am getting so carried away by all the possibilities that I think I’ll never finish … :heart_eyes: