Has anyone added a "Follow me on Twitter" button on their site?

I’d like to add a “Follow me on Twitter” button onto my blog site. I see from Twitter, how to generate the code to add to my Sparkle site. How to add a follow button to your website

I am interested in learning if anyone else has done this and if there are anything to share from the experience.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Daver,

Usually you would use the Embed HTML feature for inserting 3rd party code into your Sparkle website:

  1. Place an Embed HTML item onto your page.
  2. Copy the HTML code you generated into the Embed HTML item.
  3. Preview in Browser and see how it looks (in some cases you may have to publish the site to server to test).

Full Sparkle documentation on Embedding can be found here: Advanced Editing | Sparkle Documentation