Have i got sparkle pro installed?

Hi, this is how my splash screen looks and this is what i have purchased. I thought the splash screen would say sparkle pro. How do i know i’ve got the pro version installed, working and open? I would be happier if the splash screen said sparkle pro.
Love esther

In menu Sparkle > Your License…

No, Mine doesn’t look like that. It doesn’t say sparkle pro.
Love esther

so I have bought sparkle pro but it is not installed? even though it accepted the serial number?
Does that mean i should download the pro version and install that one?

Hello @esther

The app download is the same for everybody, there is no “Pro download”.
The license you enter determines which version you get.

So if you have any problems with your license, you have to contact @duncan
He will be able to help you and tell you what to do.

Hi thanks. well first i was trying to determine if I do actually have an issue or not. So i gather my splash screen shouldn’t look like it does? It should have the word pro in it?
Love esther

Hello @esther

The Sparkle “splash screen” is the same for every Sparkle version.

If you want to see your license information for your “Sparkle Pro purchase”, you have to go to the menu: Sparkle > Your License… (just like @selcuk explained in his post above)


I did that and it doesn’t say pro here

Sparkle Family license one license for up to 5 users to use Sparkle Pro.

So you are a Pro. (:


Yay, I’ll stop worrying about it now. Thankyou!!!

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