Having an animation pass control to another page on completion

I am new to Sparkle having come from iWeb. I am deeply impressed by Sparkle so far. It’s similar enough to be a smaller learning curve but does SO much more! I am loving re-building my site completely so, among other things, it becomes responsive.

However, being somewhat prone to trying to run before I can walk, I have come up against a problem.

I have a page containing a short MP4 animation. It is integral to the site on it’s own page, not an external link. It is set to autoplay when the page containing it is opened. Is there a way that control can be passed to another page automatically upon the animation’s completion without the need to physically click a link?

Hey, that would required to be scripted.

You can do this using popups: set up an automatically open popup that appears when the person enters the website, let the animation play in auto-play, then set to open another popup after X time. Lets say the animation is 2:40 minutes, then you set the new popup (probably transparent and 1x1 pixel size) within the same popup order ID to appear after 2:41 minutes.

You can control a bit of logic using popups, although not much, but that feeling you’re looking for is achievable with default Sparkle.


Hey Primo. Thanks for such a swift reply. I’ve just taken a look at popups and they look promising.

Never looked at them before. Time for some study!!

Will post again later when I have more news. Could be a while …


Hi again Primo

It still needs some refining as the subject is new to me but I have managed to follow your suggestion and have put the animation in a pop up with a non visible countdown timer which closes it after the animation is completed.

Does just what I wanted!

Thank you so much!

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Glad it worked out! I’ve been thinkering with popups for a while now to do these artistic stuff, so its pretty handy :smiley: