Having both my computers link to my Sparkle

Is there no way I connect through the wi fi every move I make on my web page so that I can use either computer to edit?

Les Hooper

You need to place your project file on Dropbox or other cloud. There’s nothing built-in in sparkle for this.

So does Sparkle automatically know which cloud you are using or do I have to somehow let it know?

It’s completely unrelated to Sparkle. The project file that contains your website is a file on disk, just like a Pages or Microsoft word document.

You place that file where you want it, and in the case of cloud providers that means the Dropbox folder, or the iCloud Drive folder, etc.

FWIW, earlier this week, I posted our Sparkle website source files to a private GitHub repository. The idea is to have a “deeper bench” so that colleagues have access to the source files while still getting the benefits of source control.