Having problems with shadow on images

When I put a shadow on a png image, the shadow is not always correct on the publish website, sometimes it’s cut by the image borders.

It happens on phone and computer but not always.

@dpamping, It looks like a simple thing to fix…

Make the container larger so not to cut off the shadow, or have the image “Fit” instead of “Fill” the container.

I see, but in mobile for example I don’t have too much space to make the container bigger.
I’m thinking its a bug because when you refresh the page is gone and you enter later and its back. I don’t know if is a sparkle problem or a browser problem.

@dpamping, ok i see… Best to run it past @duncan just in case it is a bug.

The other way is to go back to your image editor and give your image a bit more white space so when your “Fit” the image to the container it shows the shadow and you can max the container width to the limits of the 320 device.

Yeah yeah no problem, I can also make the shadow on the photo editor.

If you can send this project file we can take a look.