Having trouble with embedding an audio player

I am new to Sparkle and wonder if the source of my audio needs to be on my computer. How do I install a Quicktime mp3 player on my web site?

Hi @Leshooper, welcome to the forum. Sparkle has a built-in audio player, you can either drop the mp3 in the Sparkle canvas or you can add the audio element and select an mp3 from the audio element settings.

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Hi, take a look at this site I built in Sparkle for a buddy of mine. It has 3 mp3 players embedded on it, using that Sparkle feature that Duncan describes here. Scroll down to the row of 3 album covers; the mp3s are below them. Hope this helps give you an idea.
NOTE: That you can choose between a white player and a black player, depending on what looks best on your color page.