Header/Footer always on top

I know this has been asked before, but has this issue been looked at in Sparkle yet. I want to keep the header and the footer on top of everything even when new items are pasted in to the page.



Footer: not important. The footer can be on any layer because there’s nothing coming behind that might cover it.

Header: i think that is fixed now.

Mr. F.

Thanks Mr_Fozzie. I might have not said what I mean. A footer which is locked to bottom of page (sticky) has all the elements pass over over it rather than under it unless I send it to the front. I want it automatically to be at the front (top layer) on every page. Does that make sense?


Aaahh … you mean “fix to browser bottom”? Then i don’t know. Never used it.
I had “follow footer” in mind.

Mr. F.

These items will automatically go to the top of the layer hierarchy:

  1. A new item placed on the canvas
  2. When selecting multiple items and grouping them
  3. When ungrouping a group of items

In one of the recent Sparkle updates (I can’t remember exactly which one) an automated feature was introduced so that when a group of items pinned to the top of the page (for the purposes of making a menu/navigation), Sparkle keeps that group at the top of the layer hierarchy.

Let’s assume that a menu consists of:

  1. Wide box (background)
  2. Sparkle menu
  3. Logo / home button
  4. All grouped to together and set to Stick to page top

I have had this successfully work for two ‘menu’ items on the same page however it doesn’t work all of the time.

There are variables that may cause a menu group not to stay at the top of the layer hierarchy which are too sporadic to mention.

As far as the footer goes, however you construct it, would require manual placement in the Layer hierarchy.

If you have the same footer item (or any item) shared across multiple pages, here is a really easy shortcut to get an item or group of items shares across pages to go to the top of the layer hierarchy.

Select the item/group that is shared on all pages / or a section

  1. Deselect Show on all pages
  2. Make sure the item/group is at the top of the layer hierarchy on the page you are working on
  3. Re-share the item/group across all pages / or a section

This process takes only a few seconds to do.

I hope this is helpful.


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Chirs, thanks for your reply. The last section was very useful so that each section, the footer would stay on top. Problem is, as far as I can see, the minute you add something to a page it goes on top of the footer so you still have to manually move it back to the top. This is OK for a smaller site, but when you have 22 different sections changing all the time, it becomes boring. Hopefully Duncan will be addressing this in a future update.