Help! pc / landscape version not working



Hi, I hope you are well!
I am updating my site and in other devices the menu page works well, but for the PC,LANDSCAPE device, any of the links in the menu or the images (the images have links to their respective pages) are responding! I republish the site several times and is not working, I duplicated the home page and set it as homepage, published it and still doesn’t work. Yesterday I was trying to put a “sharethis” code and banner and it worked, but I didn’t like the position, so I removed it, I do not know it that caused the error in my site. I checked my links in safari and chrome and none of the links are working! Please advise, this is extremely urgent!!!

You appear to have two navigation sections - one is working the other isn’t.

It looks like the one that isn’t working is just a tex box, whilst the other is an actual navigation element.

Thank you. I put the navigation element in blue as a test, since I am trying to fix all the links. As a quick solution I am recreating all my links using buttons. However it is nightmarish! I hope to have this solved, but I wonder what is wrong

Actually I noticed yesterday I’m having issues with PC/Landscape Tablet also going wonky. I normally don’t check it, just Wide-PC and Mobile, but when I did every element on every page was all over the place.

The quick fix I found is to go into the DEVICE menu, un-check PC/Landscape then re-check it and things go back in order.

But this is definitely a bug for Duncan to look into.

What’s the bug?

It is expected that the scaling only happens when adding a device layout.

It is impossible for sparkle to know where an item should be positioned in a different device.

So far in my only 2 Sparkle projects, I’ve always had WIDE/PC/MOBILE selected in my device layouts. Those are the only ones that seem to matter these days.

When I build pages I’d start with WIDE, switch to MOBILE to re-size/re-move elements into their proper position. Everytime I checked PC/Landscape it was always fine.

However in the past few days with my largest project so far, when I check PC/Landscape the elements are a jumbled mess. If I do the “quick-fix” mentioned above the everything goes into place like magic. It never happened in my first Sparkle project (much smaller than the current project).

I’m not a layout expert so I’m not sure what proper behavior is supposed to be, but when I saw this post I chimed-in with my experience with this.