Help with iframe (embed command)

Hello, I need step by step instructions on how to use the “embed” command(?).
I want to insert an iframe (which I have done in other programs), but I don’t get the wanted result.
for testing purposes only I am trying to insert a gallery that was created with another program, but I must be doing something wrong because when I use embed I get image-1, and If I preview I get image-2
I am using the shown html (for some reason I can’t post it)

Thanks in advance to all.

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@eddypm, You have done everything correct from what I see here, but…

Just to make sure, you have also placed the iframe code you are showing here in behind the “Embedded” element? When you click on the Embedded element you’ll see in the right hand column it asking for the “Embedded Content” which is where you place your iframe code?

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:face_with_hand_over_mouth: Ohhhh man! Thanks!
I was doing it wrong… After I selected embed, I pasted the command in the canvas, not in the designated space in the right-hand column… Now I feel (a little dumb) :laughing:
I guess I was used to placing it on the page in other platforms!
Thank you very much for your help and quick response

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@eddypm, Not a problem and learning is good so have fun! :slight_smile:

Don’t feel dumb … :relaxed:
These things happen to all of us …

Just wanted to point out that in Sparkle 2.8.1 entering just a URL in the embed text will automatically produce an iframe for it. This was a bit confusing for some users and it’s a pretty clean cut extension of the embed, works a treat and saves some typing :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @duncan!
I guess a graphic example in the documentation will help users to better understand the command…
I made the mistake to place the command in the canvas because the frame appeared in the canvas, and never noticed that the right-hand column changed, so I tried to paste it in the “physical” frame that appeared in the canvas
A little graphic like this (IMO) will help to show where to place the command:

BTW, here I used it as you pointed out and worked seamlessly!