Help with Popup menus and home pages

I just published my site in Sparkle, but it didn’t go too well. There are inconsistencies in how the popup menus appear and I really NEED help to figure it out.

It is as if there are 2 home pages and each appear differently and the popups react differently. Please feel free to check this out: These SHOULD be the same page, right?

  1. Popups for Maps and Research Aids are cutoff on bottom in Safari, not in Chrome.
    2) Text links disappear when switching from a page back to Home.
    3) On Home page, text links not visible in popups but click on Sights or Contact and the popup links are back until you click on Home button.
A) Some text fields are cutoff
B) Same as 3) above.

This is driving me nuts! I’m not super technical so I don’t understand what is happening. If popups are this hinky, maybe I should just use other menu/nav options?

Thanks for any help or understanding with this.


Hi @kmac… There is a lot that I can say but I’ll keep it brief…

  • Your server hasn’t been set up to force all http:// and all www and non www onto https://
  • Anything viewed on the http:// is not going to work to well for example the google map
  • You mention text is cut off, etc… Is this on mobile? If it is then you need to introduce a 320 Device

Sparkle assigns devices with its fixed-width responsive framework.
You can look at as when you create a website you are given the 960 device as default - like a large magazine size. The lager devices like your 1200 and 1920 is like your billboards. When you introduce a 320 device, well this is the size of a portrait business card and so you have to relay out the content to fit.

So in other words you can look onto it as the following…

  • 320 device is like a portrait business card size
  • 480 device is like a landscape business card size
  • 768 device is like a portrait A4 page size
  • 960 device is like a landscape magazine size
  • 1200 device is like a large signage size
  • 1920 device is like a large billboard size
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Thank you for your response! You’ve given me some important info that will be helpful.Thank you.

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