Hi All Sparkle Users - Client Editing

Hi All…

Just would love to hear from all you Sparkle Users how you are finding (and what have you learnt) in offering your clients the ability to edit their Sparkle created website via purchasing Sparkle Basic or Sparkle One?

I’m assuming for the most part you’d also have access to the file through maybe iCloud? so you can keep tabs and help out now and again?

Would love to hear your stories…

For my part, I won’t risk it!

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@Nicolas, Why do you say that? Curious…

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I do that, I need to mention that my client only needs to change a name, tel, commune. And I keep the file in his iCloud.
No problems (I ‘trained’ them well :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:).
This said, locking items on a page would be an advantage.

@lode.rosel, That’s a good story! :slight_smile: I do know when you right-click an element you can lock it but then your client could unlock it from their end? unless you instructed them it is a no-go-zone.

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Some customers think that our business is easy, and giving them access to this type of modification is making them believe that it is within everyone’s reach. So for this reason, I keep a certain reserve for the correction method.
Then, as far as data security is concerned, behind all the formatting are the finishes (alignments, block characteristics,…) and it is complicated to find errors or bugs created by another user.
When I used Muse (Adobe) there was a tool that allowed the client to correct texts and photos online, but there was nothing else I could do and everything had to be validated by the webdesigner; this method was easier for me. But giving them access to the design software itself… not for me! (I may be too careful)

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@Nicolas, Ok I see where you are coming from! Sparkle makes it easy for everyone to create and design a website, but when we are talking about a user-centric result-driven website project then most clients doesn’t know what they are doing so in those scenarios it would be great if we could lock down areas of the Sparkle file so it can’t be payed around with.

I know we can lock down elements on the Sparkle canvas. It would be great if we could also lock down right-click so the client would only be able to edit the areas we have given access too…

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I am trying out Sparkle Free, and was wondering why might I want to use the Lock option. This seems to make sense! Thanks!

Hi - has there been any development on this topic? Has anyone tried a method to allow client access to selected pages or zones?