Hide page name in the url

Hello everyone,

this may be too easy for me to figure it out. I didn’t find it in the tutorials, maybe I wasn’t looking for the right thing… so please help me out.

Is there a way to hide in the url the page name etc.?
The idea is that I present a page that the customer is unable to access by copying the full url.
So he/she can only get there by the link provided.

Is there a way to do this?

Thanks a lot!


Hi @Herbert, I’m really not sure what you are asking for… what would the purpose be?

@Herbert, When developing a site for my clients I usually place it a folder on the hosting server via FTP called “dev” short for development. For the most part the link is invisible to anybody else bar the client. So I would then send the link to the client - www.theirdomainname.com/dev/index.html

This is something you have to setup and then direct Sparkle to it via Publish.
The other way is that you could package your website and place it into a Dropbox folder where the client only gets access to it by a password?

Well, it is an idea at the moment. I have a page for students and they can take tests.
I would like to make several tests that are only accessible if you have finished the first one.
So to avoid that students simply copy the URL of the last test and hand in the result, the URL should for all tests be the same.
I am not sure if that is even possible.
You see, I am not well versed in these things.

The way this would be done in code is probably to have a user account and store the student status server side, the page would then have a single address and generate content based on the status.

This is not something Sparkle does, it requires specific server side code.

Thanks – I thought so.