High School Assignment / Project

Hello everyone,

I had a school project or an assignment in the subject computer science. Since my High School has a focus on design and multimedia our task was to design a website. The teacher emphasized the design part over the technical coding. So I asked whether I could create my site using sparkle, I showed him what sparkle is, which capabilities it has and how cool the results are. He allowed me to use sparkle and so I started creating.

As we creative students are, I procrastinated, made a lot of drafts. Finally, I had one weekend for the final build and this is what I accomplished (linked below).
Sparkle is amazing, opens up unseen possibilities to innovate and try out interesting designs.
I wanted to show this as an example.
And of course to say a huge thank you to @duncan and the entire team for the wonderful work :pray: :muscle:.

The website I designed for the school project: http://binf.rudielvoudi.de/clective/

PS: My mark I got is 14 points (it’s German Grading system, equivalent to “A” :wink:)


Looks great, congrats!

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Well done! I could only have dreamt of having a product like Sparkle when I first started designing websites (my first was in '95 for what was then known as Price-Waterhouse, back when BBEdit was pretty much it!), so am gratified to see that you are able to connect the design and implementation ‘dots’ so smoothly.

I work now as a private teacher and have had success with some artist clients, who quickly warm up to Sparkle’s visual tools. Not everybody has a design ‘brain,’ but those who do appreciate all the functionality from the desktop publishing and graphic design worlds that Sparkle incorporates — tracking text and setting leading, for instance.

I hope you continue to build your design skills … the world needs good designers!

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Yes you certainly deserve an A. I’m impressed.

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