highlight links when the user moves the mouse over them by automatically underlining the link

i want to highlight links when the user moves the mouse over them by automatically underlining the link, how to make it please ? thanks

Hi @juju, welcome!

That’s unfortunately not possible in Sparkle currently, sorry.

thank you for your reactivity,
this not possible including with devolopeur tools by integrating css?

You can integrate CSS even without the developer tools. What I mean is Sparkle doesn’t have a user interface for it. Most Sparkle users are not coders.

I understand, thank you. You also say that we can integrate the css even without the development tools? How can we do that? I mean the only way I know of to integrate css is with the tools.

Meaning the “embed” element is included in all licenses, it’s not a separate purchase.

Just to go further to help out…

@juju what you need to do is go to your Settings / Miscellaneous / Code Integration and tick to activate. Once done the Sparkle UI will introduce “Code Integration” under the Arrange tab in the right-hand panel.

Now you can assign any element an ID html tag which you can identify using CSS.
As Duncan mentioned you can then introduce a Sparkle Embed widget and create your CSS within <style>...</style>

If you want to carry the CSS style across your whole site you need to to assign the Embed container to “Show On All Pages”. And that should do it!

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Why did you delete ipbeats’s answer?

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:
I’m working on it, I’m not a pro at it but I’m the kind of person who can handle it.

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I asked a very similar question well over a year ago. I was told to format the text as a button. While this is a solution of sorts, it’s not always practicable - such as when the hyperlink words fall over a line break.
Every text editor or website creator I’ve ever used has this basic function as standard. I find it incredulous that Sparkle, as of v.4.5.5 does not offer this.

oh wow I finally found the solution thanks to some old discussions on the forum ^^
It’s great :slight_smile:
By the way, it’s still not possible to use the class attribute ? only the id including in the developer tools ?

Speaking of developer tools, what is the advantage of having it over the already included integration .
Thanks you

Yes you can use the class attribute of “a” and “a:hover”, or use the ID which is part of Sparkle itself - aka Embed element/widget. Just remember the more you introduce into the Sparkle system the more potential errors can creep in.

The Developer allows for a few things but again you really need to know what you are doing because it can totally mess up what Sparkle generates when you hit Publish.

You can insert code into the <header> of all pages or per page. You can inject PHP. You can rename the output folders, and you can also attach javascript and CSS files (as an addition) if you know what you are doing. But again, this is all outside of Sparkle’s no-code intuitive approach to web building so I believe there is no support for the ones who uses the Developer.

I am eagerly looking forward to Sparkle 5 because I am sure a lot of the things that have been suggested and asked for will manifest in front of our eyes! :star2: So in the mean time patience! :ok_hand:

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Class attributes are currently reserved for Sparkle use. The developer tool additions are illustrated here: