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Hi Everyone,
Newer Sparkle user here. We’ve got everything set up for regular and wide desktops. On our home page we have a video that starts automatically and is formatted well. We’re currently designing the portrait mobile device option for the same site. When I adjust the video to be mobile friendly it changes it on the other device options and throws many things out of whack.

Any tips on how to optimize a video for mobile devices while keeping it friendly for desktop? Would it work better if I were to set it as a background video instead? For reference here is the link to our desktop site: www.FlynnLumber.com.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hello and welcome! :blush: :wave:t2:

I recommend hiding the video on mobile devices (see screenshot) and replacing it with a new one with the desired options. Then, you will need to hide this new video on other devices.

Capture d’écran 2023-08-12 à 19.01.55

I also suggest reducing the file size of your video as it seems to be quite heavy and takes a long time to load for visitors with a slow connection (like mine).

I hope this helps.

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What Alan said above, plus if you can edit the video, create the new one in a mobile layout (720x1280 or 1080x1920) to better reproduce it. You can use Handbrake to make the video more optimized and lower in mbs size.

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