Horizontal scroll

Hi all,

I am noticing that recently are coming up websites with
HORIZONTAL SCROLLING … .in a way we are use to read a book…

…would this be POSSIBLE to implement in SPARKLE ?

I hope, soon we can do some horizontal moves…

have a nice day !

examples for scrolling horizontal as a whole:


example for scrolling horizontal in blocks:

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It was requested a few times before, but i dont think it would be implemented until Sparkle have more flexibility in the responsive department, at least for the bigger screens. Would love to have a horizontal scroll on 960px and upwards and have another set of layers only for mobile so wouldn’t need to worry about that. But neither way, it is a little advanced to do, so code would be the optimal way.

You can test it right now on these websites: resize your browser window to mobile, then resize them back. Some will bug, others will not recover properly and be all messy. Horizontal scroll is somewhat problematic.

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Hi Primo,

you are right, some of the pages only scroll vertical after resizing…
Maybe we can design something better in SPARKLE.

I really would like if the viewer could tap on the right side - and there appears a new group of items flashing in (from right to left) like in the PDF-Viewers they are imitating a book…

I think a nice book page turning effect would change the boring scrolling.


fully agree - the scrolling on that page is clumsy.

how do the sparkle developers comment on this proposal?

In general I’d say that novel scrolling can be somewhat confusing for site visitors, but it’s 10x as confusing to set up and preview in a design tool.

I don’t have a comment because it’s not something we have short term plans for. But we’re watching the commentary with interest.


Think this as something to play with. Maybe that’s not for everyone but it’s a feature you can use in some cases.

That is an interesting point, I never thought about, but an horizontal scroll is really something special… Are these mentioned sites all done with sparkle?

Hi geneprofi,
no these pages are not made with Sparkle, and, we must admit, in some devices, of changing the size of window on the browser, the horizontal function sometimes looses functionality…

BUT Sparkle has the option of letting slide-in pup up windows
I can imagine that we could build a site with these in oder to give horizontal sliding elements. (pop-up can even be one opening the next and so on…)

hav a nice day