Horizontal scrolling in sparkle

I love horizontal scrolling like here : https://homesociete.ca/en/ Would be great, if it was possible with sparkle.app :sunglasses:


Wow! Your site looks good

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Welcome to this community, Deb! When are you going to present your site with Sparkle?

Fantastic! What kind of programme did you use to make those pages?

This is not a page that I created, but I would love to use horizontal scrolling :wink:

That website is made within WordPress, probably a custom build using Oxygen / fullPage.js as you can check it here: homesociete.ca Technology Profile (builtwith.com)

My site is Home - obviously I am not taking advantage of all the amazing features that Sparkle offers. But the site serves its purpose.
I love seeing what others are doing with Sparkle!

Thanks for chipping in @Deb, actually our goal with Sparkle is to get more people to contribute to the web. There are so many sites on the web that are so uniform in terms of theme or components or “web agency speak”, the web needs more voices! Even if the design is imperfect.

Deb I saw your site. Not a bad start at all, we all had to learn, although Sparkle has no steep learning curve. That’s why I choose it after using many other programs. And … Sparkle is very flexible.
So it will take a bit time and you will change your site for the better.