Horizontal scrolling


Please visit our website. On the start page you can scroll horizontally on the Safari browser, although we do not want that. I found no evidence in the creation. It is definitely because of the picture gallery. When I remove the image gallery, horizontal scrolling is disabled. Most likely, the bug did not occur with the older version of Sparkle.

Thank you for your quick support.

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Philipp Vondeberg

@Vondeberg, I had a quick look and it looks like you don’t have a mobile device breakpoint layout - hence the horizontal scrolling on smaller screen devices.

I have seen no horizontal scrolling on Safari desktop, but I have seen horizontal scrolling on Safari mobile on all website pages not just the home page gallery.

To remove the issue go to “Device” situated in the top left of the Sparkle app and then proceed to add more devices and hit “+” on the 320 mobile device. Your canvas will adjust to the 320 px layout where you can adjust your layout, font, and images to suit the smaller devices.

With Safari desktop and mobile the problem remains. Maybe you can look again. In an older version, the problem did not occur. On an iPhone, 960pixel pages are usually displayed without any problems.

Hi Philipp,

I loaded your site on a Mac and an iPhone and didn’t see any horizontal scrolling, except when narrowing the window under 960 pixels wide. On iPhone the single device is correctly scaling down to fit the device width, and no horizontal scrolling happens.

Please clarify the problem and the exact context.


@Vondeberg, If I read it right you have said 960px pages usually display without any problems on an iPhone… Well there is your problem straight up! 960px width websites are not made for mobile and you are offering a major hurdle to your potential client serving up a desktop website and forcing it into a mobile screen! :frowning: