How are you leveraging the Section / Folder relationship?

I am interested in learning how others are taking advantage of the potential relationship between Sections and Folders.

As one creating a blog site, I simply equate the two. I have blog posts in a section called Blogs and also have them in a folder called Blogs. (I have other pages in the other Sections but also in the same named Folder.)

Are you placing pages in different Sections? In different folders? What is your strategy behind the relationship between the two?


I prefer a tidy website. For related pages I create a section and save all pages of this section (and only these) in a folder with the same name. In it is then also an index.html. See “clean URL” in the documentation.

This is certainly not a must, but I like a clear structure.

And maybe it leads to better search results if the (meaningful) name of the folder is part of the URL.

Mr. F.