How can I change the page size

I added one more page to my site. I want this page to be the entry page of my site. Is it possible to change the page height? Whenever I try to change it the site height keeps the same.

Each page that I create in the new sections has automatically added the footer and the menu. Can I avoid this?

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I am not sure if I understand your problem correctly. Therefore, be more precise: what is the status quo and what do you want to achieve?

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I have done a website with sparkle. I would like to add one page on top, that will be the home page, the entry page. On this page I do not want the menu and the footer information. I cannot eliminate both, because, if I do so, the menu is deleted on the other pages of the site too. Therefore I created a wide box and set this on top of the menu and the footer. That is a good work around, only one thing didn’t work: I cannot adjust the height of the page so small, that there is no scolling on that page. - Sorry my English is not the best.


I think I see where you’re going.

It should be a kind of landing page (= homepage) from which it goes to the actual content. First of all I recommend to work with sections and folders for all subpages.

What you can’t do then is “show element on all pages”.

As for the scrolling, I’m a little confused. I mean that also depends on the device, browser and size of the browser window of the viewer. Whether you can prevent the scrolling completely, I do not know.

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Yes, landing page. I need to add a landing page so that the visitor can choose between to directions. Unfortunately I am adding the landing page and the one direction now. Otherwise it might have been easier. But now I am having several issues: The height of the landing page and also the menue - may be it is a problem with preview, because I realize, that preview does not show me the same thing than I am creating in sparkle. I am enclosing several screenshots, so you can see. Thanks for support!!!

Hello Angelika.

I could also write in German, but out of respect for the other readers, let’s stick to English.

Your question can not be answered in a general way. It also depends on the size (how many pages) of your project. If it doesn’t get too big, you can build a one-page homepage, which then just contains jump targets (scroll locations) within the page instead of more pages.

On the other hand, what you have posted as screenshots looks good as a homepage. I’m not a fan of a landing page. It doesn’t serve any purpose and I don’t know how search engines evaluate it.

You see, we need more information from you about what you want to achieve.

Mr. F.

Im wondering if Angelika wants any nav bar at all. The arrows lead to other pages, and page 2 for example would be triggered with the right arrow and one could arrow thru the entire site. If no menu is wanted the left arrow could link the last page, the right arrow could be page 2. Arrows back and forth would be needed on all pages. It looks like the footer is on all pages, and perhaps it all started with a one page site.
I do understand what Angelika is looking for; I think.
I’m not seeing page height being a problem. Every page does not have to be the same height. I’m not sure if @acbee wants a one page site or a multi page site. The screenshots look like a one page site

@acbee, Something I have done in the past…

Your landing page (which is seperate to your website) has to be recognised as the index, aka Home Page in Sparkle. So to do that now that you have created your website I would recommend the following…

  • Add a section
  • move your already created website pages into that created section
  • now you can add a page (not duplicate) which is now outside the section and it is your home page once assigned on the right-hand column

The new home page (aka landing page) will work independently of what you have already setup for all your other pages and that means you can have it at your desired length (pull down on the footer scrubber) and with no navigation or footer.

hope that helps! :slight_smile:

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I am trying it out … So I created 3 sections: 1. is my landing page, 2. is one of my offers, 3. is the second offer. Now: how can created different menus in each section without doing it manually. I want on the landing page no menu f.e.

And: I still have the same problem with the difference between sparkle design mode and preview in safari - I am enclosing screenshots - thanks for support

I think you have to do it manually. See the documentation for menus.

You can assign “show in this section only” to the menu.

Mr. F.

Hard to tell from a distance. Could it be that you created only a layout for 1 device?

Mr. F.

no, I created for all devices

some parts I got managed, though I don’t know, what I did differently.

But there is still a difference between design mode in sparkle and preview. I am enclosing the screenshots: F.e. I created the menue and submenu horizontal but in preview it shows vertical and sets backgroundcolor of the boxes. I did not choose a background color.

And I wonder also, why I can’t link the sections.

Does anyone has an idea?

Thanks for support

Screen Shot 2022-01-19 at 10.17.43


I am confused. The middle screenshot shows a selection that can only be made with a hamburger menu. Or am I wrong?

But I don’t see a hamburger menu on your screen. I have no idea what you have put together there. I am sorry.

Mr. F.

I can recommend you watch on YouTube that Sparkle 3 training from Duncan, in this video he goes through and creates a website and shows as well how to create a menu.

I am also bit confused what you’re producing here, without seeing the whole project I am not able to help you I am afraid.

You always can ask the Sparkle support team for help aka Duncan.


I didn’t do it with a hamburger button… Hmmm

All about menus

The video is from an older version of Sparkle, but the way it works is the same as in newer versions.

Mr. F

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