How can I embed a SoundCloud playlist in my website?

Hi, I’m a film composer and new to the Sparkle universe. I’d like to embed a SoundCloud playlist on my website. Is there any tutorial available as to how to do this? I had hoped to be able to transfer my playlist from my old site when Sparkle scooped it up but the playlist didn’t transfer. I suppose that it was wishful thinking on my part:) Any help would be much appreciated!

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To do that, you simply need to go to your playlist, click on “Share,” then “Embed.” Configure the settings as you wish, then copy the code that starts with <iframe>. In Sparkle, click on the “+” button and add an embed. Paste the text into the white square that appears in the right panel, save it, and you should see your playlist appear on your website


Hi Allan, Thanks for jumping in to welcome me and to help. I’ve succeeded in getting a Soundcloud playlist onto my website but it appears in a small window. I have to scroll down to see the successive tracks. Is there something that I can do so that the full vertical playlist appears in Sparkle as it does in Soundcloud? If you’d like, you can go to my new Sparkle website’s ‘music’ page, to see the Soundcloud player.

Hello, you’re welcome!

Yes, it’s possible. In the Soundcloud share popup, choose the second player template (see screenshot), then modify height=“value” to height=“100%”. Make sure to keep the quotation marks. Once you’ve done that, copy the code and paste it into your embed in Sparkle, then save it. Now, the player size will take up the entire height of your embed, so you can resize your embed according to the height of your playlist.

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Thanks, Allan!!! Your instructions are clear but I can’t seem to edit the Code. I tried copying and pasting it into a document where I was able to edit the height to 100% but I couldn’t replace the original code with my modified one. I have no experience with code:)

Hi Allan, Even though I can’t edit the “height=100%” I realized that I hadn’t chosen the 2nd player template. Soundcloud now appears in a longer format on my website, though not quite to the full vertical length of my playlist. It’s okay like this.

Sorry, indeed, it is not possible to modify the code on Soundcloud. But you can directly edit the code in Sparkle, where you paste it. It’s the same thing, the goal is just to change the height value to “100%.”

Glad to have been able to help you :blush:

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Bingo! All is well in Sparkle Land and Soundcloud. Thanks et merci!