How can I indicate onscreen the layout in use

How can I indicate on-screen (some text perhaps) the layout that’s in use on an individual device so that I can understand what’s happening and thus try and fine-tune the applicable layout?



Well, you can do this. First you have to hand code all 5 layouts for the 5 breakpoints sparkle offers.
Next, select each layout and add the text you want to see, like “This is the 1200 px Layout”.
Next, hide this text on the 4 other layouts.
Repeat this 4 times for the other layouts.

Is it really worth doing? You never know which device a visitor is using. I got crazy with my tablet that showed the 320 px layout instead of the 768 px version. The reason was “screen zoom” in the device settings.

Mr. F.

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Thanks, yes it’s driving me crazy as well with all the permutations that are out of my control!
However, I only needed to put the text in one place as it auto-updates with a screen refresh although I’m not sure if it really helps.
If nothing else, this has made me revisit my workflow in light of all the discussions on this and related subjects!